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Descripción del proyecto

The AquaTime solution consists of an intelligent Puck to which different drinking vessels (e.g. cups, mugs, glasses and bottles) can be attached. The Puck has built-in sensors that measures different types of data (e.g. weight, temperature and acceleration). The Puck includes some LEDs and a loudspeaker so that it can give reminders to the user if the consumed liquid volume is lower than planned. Battery lifetime is, under normal use, several weeks, and can be recharged using a power cable. The drinking vessel can be made of plastic, glass or ceramics and be of almost any shape and size. The drinking vessels can be used with or without the Puck attached. The daily drinking status is shown on the Puck’s OLED-display in real time, whereas all historically collected data, is transferred to the cloud via the new narrow band protocol (part of the GSM mobile phone network without any setup needed from users). The data can be accessed from the cloud via a responsive website and can also be transferred to existing IT-based care platforms.


Dehydration of elderly is a significant problem. AquaTime is a new IoT-enabled solution to monitor and motivate elderly people and provide an overview for caretakers of the hydration status of elderly citizens. The solution is aimed at the public healthcare sector.

The objective of this project is to define, develop and test a specific version of AquaTime that fulfills most wishes and requirements of the eldercare sector in Extremadura, Spain. The developed solution will be able to add value for all types of stakeholders such as end users, formal and informal caretakers and public sector decision makers.

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